Steven Baris was born in Aberdeen Washington and grew up on various Indian reservations in Northern California, Montana, and Washington State. He received a B.A. from The Evergreen State College and a MFA from the Tyler School of Art. He lives and teaches art in the Philadelphia area.



Tyler School of Art, MFA, 1985
Philadelphia, PA

The Evergreen State College, BA, 1978
Olympia, WA

Instituto Allende, 1975
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


Selected Solo Exhibitions

dm contemporary NYC, Mobility of Frames, May/June, 2017, New York, NY

Space Gallery, Solo Exhibition, May/June, 2016, Denver, CO

Boeckercontemporary, DRIFT, 2016, Heidelberg, Germany

Pentimenti Gallery, The Smoothest of All Possible Space, Sept/Oct, 2015, Philadephia, PA

dm contemporary NYC, Geometries of Flow, Spring, 2014, New York, NY

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Solo Exhibition, Summer-Fall, 2013, Wilmington, DE

Pentimenti Gallery, November/December 2012, Philadelphia, PA

Abington Art Center, SOLO SERIES, Autumn, 2010, Abington, PA

Pentimenti Gallery, URBAN COMPRESSION, November/December, 2008, Philadelphia, PA

Pentimenti Gallery, THE CORRECT DISTANCE, April/May, 2006, Philadelphia, PA

Schmidt/Dean Gallery, RECENT WORKS, April, 2004, Philadelphia, PA

Jeffrey Coploff Fine Arts, November/December, 2003, New York, NY

364 Hayes Street, April 2003, San Francisco, CA

Jeffrey Coploff Fine Arts, January, 2002, New York, NY

Schmidt/Dean Gallery, December, 2001, Philadelphia, PA

Butters Gallery, March 2000, Portland, OR

Schmidt/Dean Gallery, September, 1998, Philadelphia, PA

University of Virginia, March, 1997, Charlottesville, VA

Schmidt/Dean Gallery, January, 1996, Philadelphia, PA

Paul Cava Gallery, November, 1992, Philadelphia, PA

Paul Cava Gallery, June, 1990, Philadelphia, PA

Paul Cava Gallery, January, 1988, Philadelphia, PA

Grande Masse des Beaux-Arts, June, 1986, Paris, France

Gallerie Taub, 1985, Philadelphia, PA

Stonepress Gallery, 1984, Seattle, WA


Selected Group Exhibitions

Tremenheere Gallery, GROUP EXHIBITION, February, 2018, Penzance Cornwall England

Pentimenti Gallery, THE ENDURING REASONS WHY, September/October, Philadelphia, PA

Mercer Gallery, Monroe Community College, MEDITATIONS ON MAPPING, Sept, Rochester, NY

Ely Center of Contemporary Art, MANIAC EPISODE 5, September/October, 2017, New Haven, CT

Space Gallery, FIVE PERSON EXHIBITION, August/September, 2017, Denver, CO

Transmitter, GROUP EXHIBITION, Winter, 2017, Brooklyn, NY

Mount Airy Contemporary, THREE PERSON SHOW, Spring, 2017 Philadelphia, PA

DM Contemporary: NYC, Indian SUMMER SHOW, 2016, New York, NY

Pentimenti Gallery, SUMMER FLASH, summer, 2016, Philadelphia, PA

Mirta Demare International Visual Art , ABSTRACT STRATEGIES, 2015, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Martina Kaiser Cologne Contemporary Art, ABSTRACT STRATEGIES, 2015, Cologne, Germany

Poiesis Spec, ABSTRACT STRATEGIES, 2015, Berlin, Germany

Central Booking, GOING BIG, 2015, New York, NY

dm contemporary: NYC, SUMMER SHOW, 2015, New York, NY

Pentimenti Gallery, SUMMER CURRENTS, summer, 2015, Philadelphia, PA

dm contemporary: NYC, THEN AND NOW, 2014, New York, NY

Pentimenti Gallery, Territory of Abstraction, March, 2015, Philadelphia, PA

ODETTA Gallery, SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE (3 person), 2014, Brooklyn, NY

Gallerie Schutte, November, 2014, Dusseldorf, Germany

Visual Arts Center of New Jersey , DOPPLER, September 2014 - January 2015, Summit, New Jersey

T.A.S., MANIAC EPISODE 4: GRONINGEN, December 2013, Groningen, Netherlands

Atelierhof Kreuzberg, REPETITIVE PATTERN PHOBIA, October 2013, Berlin, Germany


Parallel Art Space, DOPPLER, July 2013, Brooklyn, NY

DM Contemporary NYC, SUBURBIA REVISITED, (3 Person Exhibition) February-April 2013, New York, NY

Cheryl Hazan Contemporary Art, ON THE EDGE, January/February 2013, New York, NY

Pentimenti Gallery, 20 IN 2012 VISION, September 2012, Philadelphia, PA

Kunstlerhaus Dosenfabrik, MANIAC EPISODE 3: Hamburg, September 2012, Hamburg, Germany

Doppler Stop, TRAVELING EXHBITION, May-June 2012, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zagreb

DM Contemporary NYC, SUMMER SHOW, June 2012, New York, NY

DM Contemporary NYC, LUSH GEOMETRY, APRIL-June 2012, New York, NY

Woodmere Art Museum, ELEMENTAL, January-March 2012, Philadelphia, PA.

Brickhouse Art Gallery, MANIAC: MANIC EPISODE, June, 2011, Sacramento, CA.

Countune International Internet Social Art Project, Developed and Curated by Gerd Jansen, (Based in Germany)

Crane Arts Building | Ice Box Project Space, TYLER ALUMNI SERIES: 2011 (Robert Storr, Curator), April, 2011, Philadelphia, PA

William Penn Foundation, 2010-2013, 100 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, SPECTRUM, Spring, 2010, Wilmington, DE

Geoffrey Young Gallery, GARISH, June, 2009, Great Barrington, MA

Aqua Art Miami (Aqua Wynwood), December, 2008, Miami, FL

Crane Arts Building, VICTORY FOR TYLER: PAINTING 2007, spring, 2007, Philadelphia, PA

Rice/Polak Gallery, THREE PERSON EXHIBITION, August, 2007, Province Town, MA

Michael Gibson Gallery, STRIPES CHECKS BALANCES, September, 2006, London. Ontario

Pentimenti Gallery, TAKE OUT, June, 2006, Philadelphia, PA

AAF, June, 2006, New York, NY

Gallery Siano, ORDER(ED), May, 2006, Philqadelphia, PA

Schedlar/Minchin Fine Art, CONTOUR: THE DEFINITIVE LINE, June, 2006, Birmingham, AL...curatorial essay

AAF, October, 2005, New York, NY

Art Forum Ute Barth, CRISS CROSS, June, 2005, Zurich, Switzerland

Levy Gallery at Moore College of Art, SELECTIONS, summer, 2004, Philadelphia, PA

Mpercent Gallery, MORE, April, 2003, Cleveland, OH

Nexus/Foundation for Today’s Art, FROM THAT TO THIS: ARTISTS’ INSPIRATIONS,

curated by Julie Courtney, January, 2003, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Museum of Jewish Art, PURE, summer, 2002, Philadelphia, PA

Jeffrey Coploff Fine Arts, BOLD, June, 2002, New York, NY

BGH Gallery, GROUP EXHIBITION, May, 2000, Santa Monica, CA

Margaret Thatcher Projects, THREE PERSON EXHIBITION, December, 2000, New York, NY

Jeffrey Coploff Fine Arts, SELECTIONS, October, 1999, New York, NY

Jeffrey Coploff Fine Arts, SMALL, December, 1998, New York, NY

Margaret Thatcher Projects, GROUP EXHIBITION, July, 1998, New York, NY

Philadelphia Art Alliance, STRATEGIES IN ABSTRACTION, December, 1997, Philadelphia, PA

The Galleries at Moore College of Art and Design, AN EXTENDED VIEW:


Philadelphia Art Alliance, 2 UP, January-March, 1996, Philadelphia, PA

Kutztown University, DRAWING 94: EXPLORATIONS, October, 1994, Kutztown, PA

Paul Cava Gallery, GROUP EXHIBITION, May-June, 1994, Philadelphia, PA

Long Island University, CURRENTS IN ABSTRACTION, March, 1989, New York, NY

Carnegie Mellon University Art Gallery, PERSPECTIVES FROM PENNSYLVANIA,
April, 1998, Pittsburgh, PA


The Drawing Center, SELECTIONS 33, March, 1986, New York, NY

Galleria Temple, FOUR PERSON EXHIBITION, March 1984, Rome, Italy


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Selected Grants & Awards

Pollock-Krasner Grant, 2013

Bertha C. Arnold Smith Trustees Award. 2008

Agnes and Sophie Dallas Irwin Memorial Fund, Travel Grant, 2006

PEW Fellowships in the Arts, Finalist, 1997

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Fellowship, 1995

Tyler School of Art, Teaching Assistant, 1983-85

Purchase Prize: Outstanding Merit, Colorprint USA, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, 1983


Selected Collections

Temple University

Canon USA

The Glenmede Trust Company

Liberty Properties

Coventry First Insurance Company

Prudential Insurance Company

Progressive Insurance Company

Wilmington Trust

Rosenbluth Travel Inc.

Thomas Properties

Philadelphia Energy Solutions

Texas Tech University

Polsinelli Shughart Pc.

Hay Group

Iroko Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Statoll Hydro

Work included in numerous private collections in North America, Europe and Australia